Services / TherapiesDurationPrice
Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation30 MinsINR 1250
Cupping Therapy40 MinsINR 2000
Leech Therapy20 MinsINR 2200
Morning Yoga Session & Pranayama60 MinsINR 300
Evening Guided Meditation Session60 MinsINR 300
Evening Yoga Nidra Session60 MinsINR 300
Ayurvedic Basti30 MinsINR 750
Nasyam30 MinsINR 400
Abhyangam + Steam60 MinsINR 1500
Pinda-Swedhan (Potli Massage + Steam)60 MinsINR 1700
Udvartan Massage + Steam45 MinsINR 1200
Partial Foot Massage45 MinsINR 1200
Full Foot Massage60 MinsINR 1500
Head & Shoulder Massage +Steam45 MinsINR 1200

Important Note:

  • For morning yoga sessions and ayurvedic consultations, please let us know and reserve your spot the night before.
  • For other treatments, reserve your time 2 hours in advance.
  • Payment must be made in advance of your therapy and sessions.
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