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We are happy to see newcomers at any of our yoga and meditation classes. Join the community to participate in the center`s life and the discussion club.

Stay at the Ashram and immerse yourself in our wonderful yogic lifestyle program with other like-minded members.



A spiritual hermitage in green valleys of the mountains where you can see millions of stars at night.

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Our community is actively involved in the life of locals that require humanitarian support on a regular basis.


We appreciate your contribution to the donation programs and will happily accept any help we can get.

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I went on a 3-day yoga and meditation retreat with Vedanjana in Rishikesh, and it was undoubtedly a life-changing event for me. We took Ashtanga and Hatha yoga courses, and I loved both of them.
This weekend retreat is ideal for relaxing in nature, rediscovering your inner self, and forming new routines for eating, sleeping, and engaging in activities thoughtfully. Vedanjana was the ideal nudge for me to practice meditation again after my return.
I feel happy now that I’ve returned, and I want to do so soon and for a more extended period of time.

Mikki Sharma

I’ve never before participated in a meditation and yoga retreat. As a novice in this field, I couldn’t have wished for a better location than Vedanjana. This retreat revolutionized my perspective and opened up an entire world of spiritual sensation through mindful chanting, Yoga Nidra, and Hatha/Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. I used to think of yoga as slow, dull, and all about bodily positions. I consider myself fortunate to have such amazing and motivating teachers.
I have discovered more about myself, the value of letting go, bliss, met beautiful people, and learned yoga postures that, despite my body hurting, made me feel relaxed. he memories you have all given me will last a lifetime. Grateful❤️

Gourav Kaushal

I took part in the 3 days retreat, and I had a great time!
Being a beginner, it was really intriguing for me to take classes in anatomy, philosophy, and pranayama (breathing) in addition to the challenging Ashtanga Vinyasa practices.  The rooms, food, and teachers are all excellent.  Students come from all ages and countries.
I wholeheartedly endorse it! You’ll feel good about yourself and confident about continuing your at-home yoga practise🙂

Manjeet Maan

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